The Wellington Balance Centre

The Wellington Balance Centre offers comprehensive assessment by a team of specialist Consultants, Audiologists and Physiotherapists. The Balance Centre has state-of-the-art diagnostic vestibular testing using the most advanced technology.

Rehabilitation services are provided by physiotherapists trained in balance and vestibular (inner ear) problems. Computerised Dynamic Posturography SMART Equitest system can be used to measure and evaluate the patientís sensory and motor aspects of balance. This computerized system aides our therapists in developing customised treatment plans to meet individual needs. Balance and vestibular problems are often characterized by what patients describe as dizziness, vertigo, light headedness, nausea or even falls. There are many reasons why someone may suffer with these symptoms. The Wellington Balance Centre aims to provide the best quality care for management of balance disorders.

Please note that it is our policy not to offer advice on conditions, injuries or treatment via email correspondence.
We can only give opinion after a personal consultation with one of our consultants.